Fujifilm X-E2

Fujifilm X-E2

This is a smaller and lighter version of the X-Pro1, without the optical viewfinder. Fujifilm cameras use a new type of sensor array called X-Trans CMOS. It’s a radically different way of separating colors that leads to small-sensor image quality that rivals its full-frame competitors.fujifilm-x-e2_74396_600x450

“I love the X-E1 [precursor to the X-E2]. I love how portable it is, and the lens quality is outstanding. But the picture is the big thing—the images are really strong. I’m amazed at how little I have to correct them on the computer. Usually I shoot in RAW, but these Fujifilm cameras produce amazing JPEGs straight out of the camera.” —Jonathan Irish, program director for National Geographic Adventures and contributing photographer for National Geographic Traveler


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